50 Certified STAR Communities: A new milestone in the urban sustainability movement

May 1, 2016

The release of the STAR Community Rating System (STAR) in 2012 marked an important milestone in the urban sustainability movement. Hundreds of stakeholders worked together by consensus to deliver a common framework for sustainability with nationally accepted standards for measuring the depth and breadth of the social, economic, and environmental issues that our nation’s cities and counties are facing. Today, we mark a new milestone: more than 50 cities and counties have been certified under the STAR Community Rating System, with hundreds of others actively using the framework to guide local planning, decision-making, investment, and public engagement. The rating system’s metrics and methods have inspired local leaders to be more inclusive, make equitable investments, advance work on climate, integrate health into sustainability considerations, collaborate within and across departments, and build broader community support, both with residents and the business community. This reports acknowledges the achievements of the first 50 STAR Certified communities, discusses lessons learned, and highlights the ways that STAR is helping towns, cities, and counties to become more sustainable, equitable, and resilient.

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