The “Perks” of Innovating

Advanced Wastewater Treatment (“AWT”) is the removal of nutrients such as Nitrogen and Phosphorous prior to discharge.  These nutrients, if discharged to surface water in large quantities, can degrade ecosystems.  At the City of Clearwater Public Utilities Department (“PUD”), their task is to remove these nutrients prior to surface water discharge.  Historically, PUD treated wastewater with an (expensive) proprietary chemical, which is a carbon source that facilitates the biological removal of Nitrogen.  The idea to use a local organic waste byproduct – from a local beverage manufacturer – as an alternate carbon source to meet the process needs of AWT created a symbiotic relationship between operations.  Their beverage waste became our carbon source.  Additionally, both entities received perks in the form of reduced disposal costs for the beverage manufacturer and reduced product costs for PUD. 

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