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COVID-19 Testing and Data Response Platform

A coalition of public, private, and non-profit organizations is offering state and local governments a COVID-19 Testing and Data Response Platform at no cost.

The platform provides an integrated COVID-19 test management process, including online COVID-19 risk screening, test scheduling, test site management, and dashboards for real-time insights for use by test site managers and public health officials.

The coalition includes Adobe, Oracle, Splunk and Accenture as well as other organizations such as DataHouse, Globant, NuHarbor Security and Whyline, in coordination with Alliance for Innovation.

About the Platform:

The COVID-19 Testing and Data Response Platform was developed to help state and local governments with their COVID-19 screening, test scheduling, and testing facility operations. The platform is deployed in a scalable, cloud environment and configurable for local requirements. It is protected by encryption and has been designed to adhere to industry-standard security and privacy safeguards.

Solution Components:

  • COVID-19 Screening: Provides standardized eligibility determination for testing based on CDC criteria and is configurable to account for localized testing strategies.
  • Test Scheduling/Test Capacity Management: Presents eligible individuals with the earliest available appointment in their area. Helps government entities make informed decisions to distribute capacity.
  • Site Operations: Helps test facilities operate more effectively.
  • Insight: Supports informed decision making by government officials through real-time dashboards that help identify patterns and insights in testing data.

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