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How Does ICMA Help Me Make a Difference?

Whether you're beginning your first job to leaving your legacy, the ICMA Career Stage Guide offers local government professionals a leadership and professional development roadmap of valuable educational opportunities. 

Leadership and professional development is essential to the local government professional's career as even the most experienced individual confronts great challenges, including changes in the workforce, advances in technology, ethical and leadership dilemmas, and staff learning needs.

Take the next step in enhancing your leadership and management skills in 2016 by downloading the new Career Stage Guide Checklist to track your completion of leadership and professional development programs. By following the Guide for your appropriate career stage and completing all of the recommended programs, you can maximize your career and reach full potential as a local government professional.

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Access the digital Career Stage Guide Checklist here. 

What are the benefits of the ICMA Career Stage Guide?

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In addition to ICMA University workshops and mini-workshops, ICMA also offers other informational or professional development sessions that you can bring to your local government, affiliate association meeting, or other setting. Click here to access this list.