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Documents, Guides, and Wikis

  • Whether you're beginning your first job to leaving your legacy, the ICMA Career Stage Guide offers local government professionals a leadership and professional development roadmap of valuable educational opportunities.
  • Careers in Local Government Management is an introduction to local government as a career, what city/town/county management is, what managers do, and a tips on what education, skills, and job opportunities exist in the profession.
  • Acting Manager's Handbook is a guidebook to help the acting manager make the most of a sometimes unexpected opportunity. (Member Resource)
  • Job Hunting Handbook is a resource from mapping out your job search to negotiating compensation. (Member Resource)
  • ICMA's First Time Administrator's Handbook covers items that should be considered before an interview, during an interview, before accepting a position, and before starting a new position. (Member Resource)
  • Model Internship Guidelines are designed to help local government managers and MPA programs work together to create meaningful internship experiences.
  • Internship toolkit discusses internships that are appropriate in a local government and offers guidelines and examples of how to create an internship program. (Member Resource)
  • Recruitment Guidelines for Selecting a Local Government Administrator presents guidelines to help local governments and executive search firms conduct a successful recruitment process in order to select a local government administrator/chief administrative officer.
  • Preparing for an interview offers helpful hints once you've passed the resume screening.

Case Studies and other resources

  • Building the Leadership Pipeline examines innovative approaches to developing tomorrow's leadership pipeline. The report highlights six local government case studies, including Anaheim, California; the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program; Plano, Texas; Roseville, California; Three Florida Cities' Internship Program; and the Virginia Beach, Virginia, Police Department.
  • Preparing the Next Generation provides the language that managers can use to attract and retain gifted and talented young adults and qualified individuals from other fields to careers in local government management. (Member Resource)
  • Preparing the Next Generation Case Studies highlights programs being used by local governments who believe it is their responsibility to mentor young and mid-career professionals. (Member Resource)
  • K-12 Civics Education offers documents and resources to educate younger citizens and residents about how local governments run and the important role these organizations play in the daily lives of their families and communities.
  • ICMA Student Chapters is a program to introduce and integrate students into local government and the management profession and familiarize students with ICMA members, resources, and policies.

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