Board of Directors

The Alliance for Innovation Board members represent the Alliance for Innovation membership and strategic partners, ICMA and Arizona State University.

Board of Directors

Alliance for Innovation Board Members

The Alliance for Innovation is managed by the Board of Directors, which shall consist of not less than eleven directors. All Directors are eligible to server two four-year terms. The Board meets on a regualr basis and holds at least one annual meeting. Shannon Flanagan-Watson is the currently serving as the Chairperson with Darin Atteberry serving as the Vice-Chairperson. The President of the Alliance for Innovation has a seat on the Board as well as partners from Arizona State University and ICMA. The newest addition to the board is a seat for the Chair of the nextERA board.

Tanya Ange
Deputy City Manager 
Boulder, CO
phone: 303.441.3276
"Alliance for Innovation is the conduit for local government organizations to convene, collaborate and innovate. The AFI operating model recognizes there are leaders at all levels within our organizations and provides all employees access, content and shared learning opportunities to transform local government for an inspired future."
Paul Arevalo
City Manager 
West Hollywood, CA
phone: 323.848.6400

"The Alliance for Innovation provides local government the unique opportunity to reassess and create new ideas, new approaches and unexpected possibilities. As a City Manager, I am grateful to have access to this resource"
[Board Vice-Chair] Darin Atteberry
City Manager 
Fort Collins, CO
"Innovation is vital to our success in local government.  As the demands and expectations of public service change, progressive governments must find new ways to increase efficiency, transparency and accountability. The Alliance for Innovation is a conduit to the creative thinking and best practices necessary to building world-class communities."
Charlie Bush
City Manager
Sequim, WA
phone: 360.681.3440
"The challenges of today and tomorrow require new thinking and new approaches from local governments.  The Alliance for Innovation is at the forefront of this conversation.  To be a part of the Alliance is to belong to a powerful network of innovators and change agents helping to transform not just their communities, but also their professions and the world around them.  Engaging in the Alliance will help your community attract and realize a better future."
Michelle Crandall
Assistant City Manager
Dublin, OH
phone: 614.410.4403


Ramona Denby-Brinson
Associate Dean for Research & Professor, College of Public Service and Community Solutions
Arizona State University
Kevin Desouza
Associate Dean, College of Public Programs
Arizona State University 
phone: 206.859.0091

"The Alliance for Innovation is a unique platform for us to design, implement, and evaluate innovations in approaches, systems, and solutions for local governance. Building capacity for local governance is critical to advancing the cause of democracies, empowering citizens, and designing the next-generation cities and counties."
Lee Feldman 
City Manager
Fort Lauderdale, FL 
phone: 954.828.5959
“We cannot continue to tread our way from crisis to crisis and hope things will change for the better without the intervention of innovation into the way we conduct business.  The Alliance for Innovation has become our platform for transformational creativity and governance.  Along with our partners, we will be at the forefront of innovation and excitement in local government.”
[Board Chair] Shannon Flanagan-Watson
Assistant County Manager
Arlington County, VA
phone: 703.228.3911
"Given the magnitude of challenges facing us today, innovative practices and solutions are essential in building sustainable communities. As local government entrepreneurs, we need to foster the exchange of progressive ideas, identify viable opportunities, replicate applications and apply the principles of successful innovation. The Alliance for Innovation is just the place to do that with practitioners, researchers and experts  – working together in a network incubator for local governments. Join us as part of the transformation."
Thomas J. Fountaine, II
Borough Manager
Borough of State College, PA
phone: 814.234.7110
Tansy Hayward
Assistant City Manager
Raleigh, NC
phone: 919.996.3070
"As public sector leaders, it is easy to become mired in the day to day work of confronting challenges, minimizing risks, and maintaining service levels.  However, we have generally come to this work with a passion and drive to make a difference in our communities.  I am thankful that the Alliance exposes us  to information and peers that reinforce thought, creativity, experimentation and excellence."
Jimmy Jayne
Special Initiatives Director
County of Coconino, AZ
phone:  928.524.4031
"The Alliance is a tremendous asset for public service professionals and I am always impressed by the tangible value of each interaction with the Alliance staff and members. In Navajo County we strive for excellence and appreciate the engagement with the Alliance in intelligent dialogue as we look for common sense solutions to real challenges."
Douglas Matthews
Chief Communications Director
City of Austin, TX
phone: 512.974.2231
“Successful 21st Century organizations will be the ones that know how to foster, harness and build cultures that are founded in innovative thought and action. While we may be informed by the past, it’s imperative that we establish a framework for continuous testing, evaluation and iteration of new ideas - in every aspect of how we serve our communities. I’m proud to be part of the Alliance for Innovation mission to help local governments lead the way.”
Mark McDaniel
City Manager
Kerrville, TX
phone: 830.258.1105
"Fostering and maintaining a culture of innovation in any organization is difficult. It requires deliberate strategies, consistent monitoring, successfully adapting to changing situations, and disciplined execution. No other agency supporting our profession is more singularly focused on being a premier resource in helping public managers navigate these innovation challenges than the Alliance."
Terrence Moore
City Manager 
College Park, GA
"Participation in the Alliance for Innovation has been incredibly helpful in bringing cutting edge information on local government innovations and identifying opportunities for leadership for members in the organizations i have worked for. I think the Alliance's partnership with ICMA has enhanced the value of membership and I welcome the collaboration between the two organizations."
Marc Ott
Executive Director
"The Alliance for Innovation leverages the strengths of each partner, creating the synergy necessary for the research and development, innovation, and the identification of best practices essential to local governance.  The next 10-15 years will be critical as new and formidable social, economic, and environmental challenges will have a profound impact on our communities.  the alliance for innovation and ICMA are committed to identifying, anticipating, and responding to these changes by putting in place initiatives that will ensure the vitality, integrity, and success of local government and the local government management profession."
Clay Pearson
City Manager
Pearland, TX
phone: 281.652.1663
"I've been involved with the Alliance for Innovation and its forerunner for most of my professional life.  I kind of saw the alliance as the upstart place for creativity and collaboration.  That has not changed.  Now there is an even more dynamic network that is well supported.  that network brings together people from great local government organizations at all levels.  we send people regularly to the annual transforming local government conference and they always return recharged with newly reopened minds."
Andrew Pederson
Village Manager
Bayside, WI
phone: 414.351-8818
“The Alliance has been a great resource and catalyst for change in our organization for many years. The solid research on critical issues and the opportunities for networking of employees throughout our organizations with the creative and innovative personnel of other governments has allowed us to advance in many critical venues of service in our community."
Michael Sable
Director of Facilities Services
County of Hennepin, MN
phone: 612.348.3897
“The Alliance for Innovation is the home for innovation in local government. The challenges of the next century require a different kind of response from local governments and the Alliance is where those new responses are tried, tested and proven.  Through a network of thought leaders, we are poised to deliver solutions to strengthen our communities.”
Reina Schwartz
Assistant City Manager
San Pablo, CA
phone: 510.215.3003
"Bill Gates once said “[G]overnments will always play a huge part in solving big problems. They set public policy and are uniquely able to provide the resources to make sure solutions reach everyone who needs them.”  For me, that describes what makes innovation in local government so important; it is the most powerful focus we can have for community improvement.  The Alliance for Innovation provides a valuable platform for encouraging, developing and sharing innovative programs and practices."
David Swindell
Director, Center for Urban Innovation
Arizona State University
phone: 602.496.0448 
"Innovations are emerging from the local level of government more than at any other level of government. And the developments are quite exciting. The Alliance and its members are at the forefront of developing and adopting new and innovative practices that improving the quality of life for their citizens. Through the annual Big Ideas and the Transforming Local Government conferences as well as a range of publications and webinars, the Alliance does a great job sharing lessons and best practices for implementation in other communities across the nation. That diffusion of new practices is core to the Alliance’s mission and represents enormous value-added for members and communities everywhere."
[nextERA Chair] Pam Weir Davis
Assistant to the City Manager
City of Goodyear, AZ
phone: 623.882.7073
"As our world changes rapidly, so must the institutions that govern it. The Alliance for Innovation brings together a vital network of local government thinkers and organizations to tackle the greatest challenge of our profession: creating the future. For the past five years I have benefitted from the Alliance’s impact, from inspiring individuals to transforming local government organizations."
J. Michael Wilkes
City Manager
Olathe, KS
phone: 913.971.8700
fax: 913.971.8715
"As a local government today, we have one fundamental choice - find new and better ways to do business or fail. Individually, we don’t have the answers, but through the Alliance for Innovation, we can provide our employees and our organization with the tools to enable a path to success to become clear."
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