What Do You Want to Learn in 2018? A Survey Recap

BLOG POST | Feb 22, 2018

Earlier this month, we wrapped up a short poll asking for you to share your learning priorities for 2018.  Our goals were twofold:

  1. Better understand those priorities, and
  2. Test quick polling models.

We very much appreciate your initial feedback. And to continue the conversation, we would like share those quantitative results below by category.  For each section, we’ll add some short commentary, but we prefer to hear more from you in the comments section!

Starting with Innovation Culture:

Put simply, more Next Big Things and less risk mitigation. Perhaps a mash-up: Management Perspectives on the Next Big Things?

Let’s move onto Sustainability & Infrastructure:

Full disclosure; in the midst of this survey, we set up Reclaiming Municipal Wastewater: A Path Towards Resiliency on March 29, because A) this program managed by University Area Joint Authority produces long-term environmental and economic benefits, and B) this level of resource savvy is just cool.

Up next, Technology & Data:

In summary, we should look at ways local governments are using the big datasets collected by sensors from devices that are part of the Internet of Things and Drones. Blockchain technology use in local government is mighty tempting though…

On to Economic & Community Development:

We have ourselves a runoff – Strategies for Small Cities vs. Innovative Approaches to Adaptive Reuse!  Let us know what would be more useful in the comments below.

And, finally, we have Healthy Communities:

Thank you again to those that took the survey – we plan to have more surveys that are even quicker and easier to take in the near future!  We hope you and your team join us for some learning sessions.  You can reach me directly at rspillers@transformgov.org.

In the comment section below, let us know what you think would make surveys easier to take and faster to finish.  And since this is all about organization learning objectives, please share those as well!

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