A Quick Interview for Modernizing Your Budget Process and the Role of Technology

BLOG POST | Apr 19, 2018

A Quick Interview

On May 1, we explore Modernizing Your Budget Process and the Role of Technology with our Corporate Partner Opengovand we couldn't be more excited! To get us ready for the session, we asked our panelist Caitlin Steel, Senior Director of Product Management at OpenGov, Inc. a few questions to help us start thinking about our own local government budget process.

Since this is learning event, we want to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below! And, of course, you are invited to join us for the live session and ask our panelist your own questions.

  1. What do you currently see as emerging trends within the budget and finance sector?

CS: The continued integration of initiatives that simply ask ‘why’ we are spending money on said program; the justifications.  We are seeing these strategies being included in the budgeting process, and the outcome of those, being largely tied to performance measures.

AFI : As a follow-up; How will the budget process be affected? 

CS: There are two significant impacts; 1) enhanced sense of collaboration and cross functionality – how do these teams work together to spend money, and 2) the impact on the budget team, more analyisis and reporting, to understand that reporting process.

  1. How does creating your budget in a digital format versus a spreadsheet help improve the process? 

CS: Ultimately, eliminates the clerical heavy lifting.  Also, it enables a very fast analysis and ability to play with the numbers instead of being stuck with first attempt.

  1. How can Opengov budget program help finance directors be more holistic in their budgeting efforts? ​​​​​​​

CS: It's smilar to my answer above. We eliminate much of the time that is 'non-value added'. Finance directors can use that time to be more collaborative and find further resoruces, etc.  It'll help them better spend their limited time and think of new ideas.

  1. What separates Opengov products from others on the market? 

CS: A few things;

  • Modern technology – it's a platform that can adapt and grow quickly as customers show their use, and updating to meet those demands.
  • It's built for government by people who have deep government experience.
  1.  Why should Alliance members attend our virtual session May 1?

CS: Well, cause it’s going to be fun! And, on top of that, we all need regular reminding about the bigger picture and that there is hope!



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