Learning Opportunities, the Alliance Way

What are all the various learning opportunities that the Alliance offers throughout the year?

BLOG POST | Mar 22, 2018

With our seminal learning event for the year, the Transforming Local Government Conference, kicking off in just a few weeks (ahem April 3 ahem) in Tacoma, Washington, we also want to make sure and highlight all the various, smaller learning opportunities that the Alliance offers throughout the year. You’ll see them below rated according to the level of involvement expected from the attendee or ‘learner.’

Since learning is a personal experience, we want to hear what works for you and how we can improve in the comments below!

Webinars, or as we call them, Virtual Learning Events, are designed to highlight the hot topics and emerging trends in local government. We host subject matter experts for an hour to dive into specific topics and showcase innovative programs that you can use to consider for your organization.  In addition to innovative program and policies, our events can highlight ways to build a culture in your organization where innovation can flourish At the end of every event, we always allow for Question & Answer. Our aim is help stimulate further research and fact finding by the attendee.  You can sign up for events individually or for members, explore an annual subscription to make it easy for your whole organization to participate.

Before we dive further into the rundown, we’ve developed a printable version of our upcoming events here: Innovation in the Works - March 2018.

To help you connect to your peers, we’ve launched a number of online Consortia on emerging communities of practice; Chief Innovation Officers, Lean Six Sigma, and Performance Analytics. Lead by our West Regional Director Nijah Fudge, these monthly meetings bring together local government innovators in these subject matters so that they can learn from one another. The biggest factor here is the importance of sharing what each other are in doing, both big and small, in their respective organizations. Interested in becoming a participant? Contact Nijah Fudge at nfudge@transformgov.org or visit our events page to sign up for the next meeting.

In-person workshops “offer learning opportunities with leading presenters, keynote speakers, and trainers that provide workshops, trainings, and demonstrations.” Experienced local government trainers, presenters and speakers deliver in-depth, practicable and customized content at these affordable in-person events. Learning opportunities are offered exclusive to your organization only or as regional learning events. In other words, we are very adaptable and want to bring the learning, networking, and engagement closer to you!  From Manage Like A Futurist to Workforce of the Future, we’ve got quite a few topic areas that may interest you and your regional peers

Want to take your local government team’s innovation skills to the next level and produce almost immediate results for your organization? Look no further than our very own Innovation Academy! Having graduated 44 organizations—54 after this year’s TLG Conference—and over 500 individuals during the past few years, the Academy helps you build and sustain cultures of innovation. First you learn, then you apply what your team learned in a project, and along the way we help with mentorship. 

And finally, …

Our two annual conferences – Transforming Local Government and BIG Ideas! TLG has hundreds of attendees, dozens of sessions, covers a wide scope of topics, and usually takes place in the spring. On the other hand, BIG Ideas is much smaller with about 100 attendees discussing a singular pressing issue, and occurs in the fall. There is so much to highlight with these events that a follow-up is required. That being said, these conferences bring exciting case studies to our members, networking and connecting abound, and of course coffee, the learning oil!

Now, I only touched on these briefly, but I plan to dive deeper into each learning opportunity in upcoming blog posts. Want to learn more right away? Contact us at learning@transformgov.org and we would love to help!

Which learning opportunity fits your learning style? Better yet, tell us below how these can be improved to help you learn!


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