Humble Mayor, the True Leadership Style

BLOG POST | Oct 26, 2016

“Down to earth”, maybe this is the best word to describe how amazing Ms. Sharon Konopa, the mayor of City of Albany. On Wednesday October 19th 2016 around 01.00 pm, the Mayor took me and my friends at City Hall. She invited us to do a little tour around the city. We started our trip with visited the city parks, a new carousel and another public service places. During the trip, she told us a lot of things about how she serves the community. She has been a Mayor for 8 years but she already served the community for 20 years. Good and bad thing sometimes happen in work and the challenges. From those thing, I can learn that the Mayor just like a “bridge” who connect people and Government.


She is ready whenever people want to make complaint about the service or to hear their problem and the Mayor treat them like her own family. This is why the Mayor really close with her people. Wholeheartedly serve without expecting any advantege in return. This kind of leadership I expect personally can be implemented in my country, there is no limit between the leader and the people. People of Albany very respect her, this shows that no need to be authoritarian to make people follow or submit the regulation.


If people stand behind, guide them and give them protection. If people stand aside, respect them. And if people against, embrace and make them friend. These things what make someone become a good leader.