City of Tucson Creates Office of Innovation & Strategy

BLOG POST | Jun 5, 2018
City of Tucson, AZ

For the past few years, the City of Tucson has been managing several distinct initiatives for process improvement, increased efficiencies, and reduction in waste. As the separate initiatives have gained traction, employees began to seek training like Lean Six Sigma and Denver’s Peak Academy to maximize both their input and their impact. It quickly became apparent that a City-wide program was the best way to leverage the strengths of all City employees while also mitigating the weaknesses often associated with many smaller independent programs. The City-wide program would provide a solid foundation, unprecedented support from the City Manager’s Office, and formalized metrics and tracking of innovation projects. After significant effort and planning, the City approved the creation of the Office of Innovation and Strategy, which reports to the City Manager's Office.

The concept behind Innovation for the City of Tucson focuses on three areas: Strategic Planning, Performance Analytics, and Process Improvement. The new Office will lay the foundation to further develop a culture of innovation at the City of Tucson and emphasize continuous improvement using an approach of coordination and consultation. A team of three staff will initiate the new structure to begin a build out of liaisons and coordinators throughout the organization to consistently work toward success.

The City is excited to announce that Johanna Hernandez has been selected as the Administrator for the Innovation Office. Johanna has a Master’s degree in Public Administration, a Doctoral degree in Management & Leadership (ABD), and a passion for impactful design thinking that is intentional and thoughtful.  Johanna has been doing project management with the City of Tucson for four and half years and has a strong background in statistical and data analysis.

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