Benchmarks for Park Benches

BLOG POST | Jun 13, 2018

For our upcoming virtual learning event Making the Grade: In-House Dashboards for a Data-Driven Culture on Wednesday, June 27 (you can find all of the session details here!), we asked our panelist Greg Stopka, Manager of Strategy & Innovation, Park District of Oak Park, IL to do something a bit different to get us ready for his upcoming session. More details below!

But first…

Since this is learning event, we want to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below! And, of course, you are invited to join us for the live session and ask our panelists your own questions.

Just what is a ‘Park Report Card’?

It’s a series of webpages, each providing common stats for the parks around the District. Configured into a dashboard, these stats range from ‘Issues Found’ to overall scores as well as comparative benchmarks. Upping the ante, these pages provide a user-friendly, geo-tagged embedded map. As a resident, you would just need to click on the parks location to view each report card. You can explore these webpages here.

Joining us for the presentation will be Kyle Cratty, Director of Finance, and Greg Stopka, Manager of Strategy & Innovation. For a little background, Kyle oversees the Business Operations Department, which consists of Finance, Technology, and Strategy and Innovation. For the past ten years, Kyle has worked in government finance. Kyle has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Northern Illinois University and Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Finance from St. Ambrose University.

We decided to try something a bit different, perhaps something that would give you a better sense of their personalities. We, of course, we had them fill out a Madlibs! We added their responses to the image on the left. Using those, we then transferred their answers to the story on the right (we took some liberties with the ‘verb’).

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