BIG Ideas Tours

We know how to have a little fun. Join us for a tour of the BIG Ideas host city.


At each BIG Ideas meeting the host city creates multiple tours for attendees to get out of the hotel and explore some of what puts their city on the map!

Two tours have been planned for attendees to explore Austin area innovations on Friday, October 26, 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm before BIG Ideas program opens.

Please confirm your desired attendance during the registration process.

Tour 1: Bringing the Housing First Model to Life - Community First! Village

One of the most complex challenges of our time is homelessness, and in particular how to best serve those considered persistently homeless – people who often have mental health challenges, physical impairments or substance abuse issues. We talk about wraparound services and continuum of care, but what does that look like, and what (if any) role should local government play? Community First! Village is a truly unique, privately funded, community on 27 acres that provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for the chronically homeless in Central Texas. Come tour the facility, talk with the founders and meet some of the residents who are turning their lives around through this “housing first” model community.

Tour 2: Solving “Wicked Problems” Through Social Entrepreneurship – The Center for Social Innovation

Communities across the country have long known that our biggest challenges can’t be solved by government alone. While not-for-profits have long played a partnership role, a new model has surfaced that applies innovation and entrepreneurial “startup” business approaches to these persistent problems. Come learn how the Austin community is leading the way in supporting “mission-driven ventures” at the Center for Social Innovation and hear the stories of how some of their resident social entrepreneurs are making real-world impact.

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