What Others Are Saying about the NBT Food Insecurity Trends

ARTICLE | Nov 19, 2015

What are the Next Big Things facing local government? The Alliance for Innovation's the Next Big Things report highlights 44 trends within four forces -- Resource, Technology, Demographics, and Governance -- that could impact how local government operates in the next generation. Relying on the expertise of primary author Rebecca Ryan, engaging in an exhaustive literatary scan, and a delphi panel of subject matter experts, the report provides detailed information on the four forces and 44 trends (view the trends slide deck), challenging us to look beyond the horizon and imagine our communities one generation from now.

As you read through the report (visit the NBT page to download the free version and get the premium version), how do you envision using the Next Big Things? What trends are already impacting your community or have you started actively planning for? Tell us in the comment section below, by joining the Next Big Things KN Group, tweeting @transformgov using #NBT, or emailing us at nbt@transformgov.org.

Periodically we will be providing resources from people and organizations unaffiliated with the Alliance or the Next Big Things project. This installment continues the look at food insecurity from the Resources force. While the articles below only scratch the surface of certain trends, they do reinforce the realities and tangible repercussions each trend could have and hopefully serve as another spark to help your community think about how to become #futureready as you explore the Next Big Things.

Food Insecurity

  • Food Forest in Seattle: The goal of the Beacon Food Forest is to design, plant and grow an edible urban forest garden that inspires our community to gather together, grow our own food and rehabilitate our local ecosystem. Join us to improve public health by regenerating our public land into an edible forest ecosystem. We work to reduce agricultural climate impact, improve our local food security, provide educational opportunities, and celebrate growing food for the benefit of all species. Learn more at:

Be on the lookout for future articles highlighting more trends across the four forces.

In the meantime, we really do want to hear from you: send us any articles on the trends you have come across, let us know what trends are affecting or going to affect your community, or how you are becoming future ready! Drop us a line in the comment section below, by joining the Next Big Things KN Group, tweeting @transformgov using #NBT, or emailing us at nbt@transformgov.org.


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