Tracking Service Data

Service areas in which applicants for 2015 Certificates in Management collected performance data in FY 2014.

ARTICLE | Nov 12, 2015

What Do They Measure?

ICMA asked applicants for Certificates in Management to tell us the service areas in which they collected performance data in FY 2014. Among the certificate recipients, the most frequently reported areas were code enforcement and general government, followed by parks and recreation; highway and road maintenance; and permits, land use, and plan review.

A number of jurisdictions reported that they also collect data on such other services as economic development; public health; water and wastewater; and airports and other transportation services.

The selection of metrics to collect depends on a number of factors, of course, including whether the jurisdiction directly provides a service and how high a priority the service has been assigned in the context of overall goal setting and strategic planning.

To avoid skewing the data, this analysis excludes the Poudre Fire Authority, which provides a more limited scope of services to Fort Collins, Colorado, and the Poudre Valley Fire Protection District.”

Are you measuring your performance in these areas? If not, how are you evaluating success, and how are you communicating your accomplishments to local residents?


Service Area and Percentage of Respondents Measuring Performance in These Areas:


100% - Code Enforcement


100% - General Government


95.7% - Parks and Recreation


93.6% - Highway and Road Maintenance


93.6% - Permits, Land Use, Plan Review


91.5% - Fire/EMS


91.5% - Fleet Management


91.5% - Human Resources


91.5% - Information Technology


91.5% - Police/Sheriff/Jails


87.2% - Facilities Management


87.2% - Risk Management


87.2% - Solid Waste


80.9% - Purchasing/ Procurement


70.2% - Sustainability


68.1% - Utilities


63.8% - Housing


55.3% - Library Services


36.2% - Youth Services

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