TLG 2016: the gathering for local goverment innovators

ARTICLE | Apr 22, 2016

Are we future-ready? Local governments cannot predict with certainty what the future will hold, but they can prepare themselves today to be future ready. Over the past year, The Alliance for Innovation set out on a journey to discovery the “Next Big Things” facing local government. Next Big Things released August 2015, challenged us to look beyond the horizon, identifying forces and trends that will transform how we engage with citizens, build community and deliver services. At the 2016 Transforming Local Government Conference attendees will dive into how communities are taking charge today to be a future ready community.

The conversations at TLG 2016 will take focus around the following topics:

Planning for Your Future: What steps are you taking to become a resilient community? Can you showcase sustainability efforts that focus on environmental, economic and social justice factors? Is your organization thinking 20 to 50 years from now?

Creating an Inclusive Community: How is your community creating a place for all people? This includes improving quality of life, building trust, addressing changing demographics and connecting with citizens.

Reinventing Local Government: In what ways has your organization adopted a new and systematic mindset for delivering services? How are you maximizing opportunities to become a smart city? Have you created an ecosystem for new ideas and addressing challenges? Are you investing in your future workforce?

Community Networks: What partnerships and collaborations are in place that strengthened your community and increased efficiency in your government operations?

Blinders: What is it that we don’t know? What do you see on the horizon and are addressing that other communities need to be aware of?

Community Resilience

Through innovative case study sessions focused on the topics above, conference attendees will take an in-depth look at the ingenuity and creativity of successful government programs. During provocative keynote sessions, you’ll be inspired to tap into new energy and a sense of reinforced commitment to your work.

For the first time in it’s history, TLG 2016 will be co-located with the League of Minnesota Cities Annual Conference. This unique opportunity of bringing together local government professional staff with Minnesota elected officials and professional staff will provide for exciting, dynamic presentations and conversations on local government innovation!

TLG LMC will attract over 800 local government professionals at every level in the organization across the US and Canada and MN elected officials that are deliberately seeking new and innovative ways to connect people, information and ideas that supports their efforts to be the best communities to live, grow, work, play and prosper. TLG LMC is recognized for its dynamic content that encourages freethinking and fosters unprecedented ideas, all within a relaxed and professional networking and learning environment.

Register by April 27 to take advantage of the early bird registration rate – a 10% savings! Visit to learn more about the conference, to view the full program, to register and to book your room.

Community Resilience

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