Tips for Making the Move from Peer to Supervisor Easier

ARTICLE | Feb 25, 2015

So you finally get the promotion you’ve been working so hard for and will be making the transition from peer to supervisor. It is common to worry about the transition phase with fear of losing friendships, keeping up with the workload or handling the tasks of being a manager, like how to assign work and maintain quality. This transition is a big step and, in addition to a change in roles, requires active leadership – like being responsible for productivity and results for your department.

Here are five tips to help make the transition easier:

  1. Think about how you want to be known as a supervisor – set goals and expectations for yourself.
  2. Meet with your entire team soon after promotion.
  3. Meet individually with each employee to discuss concerns and set expectations of how you will work together.
  4. Communicate clearly how much you respect the team and look forward to working with each one as supervisor.
  5. Set clear expectations of how and when you will meet with individuals and teams.

There is a workshop to help you ease the transition: Emerging Professionals Leadership Institute

EPLI is a special ICMA University leadership program that offers early career professionals and emerging leaders a way to build their leadership skill set through the art and practice of leadership. Whether you have been a supervisor for a while or are hoping to become a supervisor in the near future, this workshop will give you the skills and understanding of what it takes to be an effective supervisor. As a result of attending this workshop you will:

  • Be more comfortable with the challenge of transitioning from peer to boss, especially if you are a new supervisor.
  • Better understand the major responsibilities of a supervisor.
  • Know the value of delegation to your supervisory success and how to be an effective delegator.
  • Be familiar with the characteristics of a successful supervisor.
  • Be familiar with current thinking about leadership and why it matters to you as a supervisor.
  • Know the primary sources of influence and how they affect your leadership success.
  • Gain a broader view of practices that will improve your leadership capacity.
  • Know what steps you can take to become a stronger supervisory leader.

Find out more and register for the program!

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