Sonoma County, CA Child Support Receives Top Performance Award

ARTICLE | Mar 3, 2014

The California Department of Child Support Services has recognized Sonoma County as a "top performer", ranking 4th out of 58 counties in the State. At a Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisors took time to celebrate the County's Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) for being a "Top Ten County – Statewide."

Sonoma is the only "medium size" County ranked in the top ten statewide. Second District Supervisor and Board Chair David Rabbitt praised the Department, saying "this recognition is due to the teamwork in the Department and the incredible efforts by staff to support children and families." California State Regional Director, Lupe Gonzales added, "I want to acknowledge and commend all of the DCSS staff for their hard work; this is a significant accomplishment."

The Department exceeded the State goals as follows:
Goal 1 – Paternity Establishment 100% - Achieved 108%
Goal 2 – Cases with a Support Order Statewide Goal 94.1% - Achieved 95.3%
Goal 3 – Current Support Collected Statewide Goal 71.7% - Achieved 71.5%
Goal 4 – Cases with Collections on Arrears Statewide Goal 71.2% - Achieved 72%
Goal 5 – Cost Effectiveness Statewide Goal $2.54 - Achieved $2.55

Each year, the Department continues to find new strategies to increase collections and distribute more money back to Sonoma County families, while remaining cost effective. Sonoma County Child Support professionals provide each family with the resources and solutions they need to be engaged in the welfare of their children through making consistent child support payments. Child Support Director Julie S. Paik commented, "I am fortunate to work with such dedicated and successful staff. What they have been able to accomplish for our community is truly wonderful."

For more information, please contact Peter Rumble, County Administrator’s Office, at or (707) 565-3771

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