Questica is now an Alliance for Innovation Corporate Partner

The Alliance for Innovation welcomes Questica as a new member in our Corporate Partner Program.

ARTICLE | Feb 22, 2019

The Alliance for Innovation welcomes Questica as a new member in our Corporate Partner Program.

“We are excited to work with the Alliance for Innovation to expand their mandate with their government organization members to build collaborative cultures of innovation,” says, TJ Parass, President and founder of Questica. “For decades, we’ve been developing and advancing budgeting preparation and management software to not only meet government agencies’ everyday challenges, but to help them accelerate their financial health and operational sustainability, and deliver better public finance for everyone.”

Questica provides local governments and other public sector organizations a complete budgeting and performance software solution that addresses funding changes, new legislation, stakeholder engagement, and a shifting workforce, while increasing accountability and producing greater organizational and community impact.

For over 20 years Questica has taken a collaborative approach to implementation, training and support that’s resulted in long-lasting customer relationships with hundreds of North American organizations across 46 states and 11 provinces and territories. The company’s belief in bringing the best technology and people together means there is a focus on project management and budgeting best practices and an investment in ongoing product enhancements. Based on trends and customer consultation, Questica consistently develops new offerings to better support end-to-end budget activities. These include its budget book, budget transparency and citizen engagement solutions.

Alliance for Innovation President and CEO, Joel Carnes, welcomes Questica as an Alliance Partner. “We are pleased to work with technology partners like Questica who are committed to developing scalable solutions with government agencies to harness the power of innovation, collaboration, and technology, transforming the budget process and meeting short-and long-term strategic goals.”

The company’s core offering, Questica Budget, drives budget transformation by creating a single source of data truth. This allows government teams to shift from data collection to focus on what is important, deeper analysis and data-driven decision-making. Questica Budget is an easy-to-use, comprehensive cloud-based solution for budget preparation and management that includes forecasting and analysis, workflow, role-based security access, amendment tracking, performance measurement and reporting.

Questica introduced OpenBook, its integrated data visualization and transparency tool, to create an opportunity for better accountability and awareness, and to build citizen trust by communicating the financial and non-financial data with easy-to-understand, interactive and searchable visuals. Additionally, Questica has teamed up with Balancing Act, another Alliance Partner, and the leading budget simulation tool provider, to deliver a direct integration with OpenBook and the Questica Budget Suite, allowing government agencies to develop and implement deeper two-way stakeholder consultation and engagement initiatives.

“We are looking forward to the opportunity to share our expertise with the Alliance and its members,” states Craig Ross, Chief Revenue Officer. “Together, we’ll share best practices and create technologies to help members improve their operational efficiency and increase data insights, enabling strong and sustainable governments for the communities they serve.”

In early 2019, Questica will become part of GTY Technology Holdings with its fellow peer companies – Bonfire, CityBase, eCivis (Alliance Partner), OpenCounter and Sherpa Government Solutions – but will remain an independent business unit, maintaining its brand and current leadership structure.

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