Put Your Knowledge to Work: 5 Questions in the KN

ARTICLE | Jul 28, 2016

In this What's New article series, we look at a selection of outstanding questions in the Knowledge Network. The Alliance network is defined by its innovative, thoughtful, and public service oriented members and friends. Your contributions to the profession are endless, but so is the need for continuous learning. By sharing your answers and questions in the Knowledge Network, you help the Alliance and ICMA continue to grow the most cohesive, convenient, and current exchange of local government information. Below are some of the recent questions:

Knowledge Network TopicHousing & Community Development, Code Enforcement, Innovation, Process Improvement, Lean Government, Service Delivery, Economic Devlopment

Going Paperless with Building Plan Submittals?

Knowledge Network Topic: Career Resources, Employee-Employer Relations, Leadership, Management, Next Generation of Managers, Organizational Development

Reverse Mentoring?

Knowledge Network TopicHousing & Community Development, Code Enforcement, Public Policy, Planning, Public

Urban Farming and Hen Retirement Planning?

Knowledge Network Topic: Emergencies and Disasters, Management

Sample Debris Management Plans

Knowledge Network Topic311/CRM Systems, Citizen Engagement, Technology, Finance and Budgeting

Integrating Payment with Service Request?

Have a question of your own?  Your peer network is here to help, so post here!

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