Promotion: Special Offer for Alliance for Innovation Members—Free Taxpayer Receipt

Sponsored by Balancing Act

ARTICLE | Aug 16, 2018

Dear Alliance for Innovation Members,

For many of you, budget season is in full-swing and Balancing Act is offering you a “Back-to-Budget Special.”  

Sign up by September 30, 2018 and get a free subscription to Taxpayer Receipt until April 15, 2019. (If you are a current Balancing Act customer, we’ll give you a subscription to our just-released Analytics module instead). Taxpayer Receipt is a simple way to demonstrate to residents that public money is being put to good use. Residents anonymously input a couple of pieces of information to generate a customized estimate of taxes paid. It’s a great way for high-performing, innovative local governments to get recognition for the high-value service they provide.

Join other innovative governments that use this tool including Denver, Charlotte, Chesterfield County, VA,  Arvada, CO, Nashville and more.

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Taxpayer Receipt ties in seamlessly with the Balancing Act simulation—once you have set up one, creating the other takes minutes.

Get started on your own by signing up for a trial account here. There’s an easy to follow tutorial here, or join others for a live web-based workshop or August 27, 3:00 EDT or September 18, 12:00 EDT.

The Balancing Act suite provides government the tools for meaningful financial transparency, accountability and participation.

"Locally, the taxpayer receipt is a viable information-sharing tool that can be used to educate and inform citizens about numerous aspects of government at the community level. Not simply an accounting of a taxpayer’s total tax burden, the taxpayer receipt breaks down the amount of tax paid by each taxpayer for various county services, thereby encouraging even greater citizen involvement in the budgeting process."

-Whitney Afonso, Public Management Bulletin, University of North Carolina School of Government, 2014.

“If you’ve ever thought, ‘Gosh, I pay a lot in taxes. I wonder how much of that goes to fund the County road by my house,’ this is the app for you,”

-Barbara Wasinger, County Commission Chair, Ellis County, KS

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