President's Welcome - March Transformations

ARTICLE | Feb 28, 2011

“You always pass failure on your way to success”

Mickey Rooney, 1920 – He is Still Alive

Well, that is a thought that turns out for the best!  Welcome to our March Transformations newsletter. I hope it finds you past the failure corner and on your way towards better outcomes. I think it is helpful to remember that downturns have an upturn on the other side, especially as we continue to manage in a challenging environment of fewer resources, higher expectations and more than a healthy cynicism of government in general.

In this newsletter you will find articles that can lift your spirits and energize you for your next project.

Tracy Miller’s article that covers our most recent BIG Ideas meeting in Florida is one example.  100 people representing local government, universities and foundations gathered outside Orlando, FL in early February to talk about local government and the changing roles of public employees. Rich Luker (who will be a key note speaker at our upcoming TLG conference in Clearwater) talked about how we can reframe the notion of “citizens” into “our neighbors”.  That context alone can color new conversations and add a dimension of sharing a connected future.

Chris Hoene of NLC has contributed his thoughts on the future of local government seen from a national and elected official perspective. Chris provides eight predictions on how our organizations will need to change in the future.

Also, don’t miss the article on our upcoming online forum hosted by Peak Democracy!  We will be launching a new tool on the front page of our website that will allow Alliance members to contribute their thoughts on hot topics and see what others are saying in specific parts of the country. Members will have the opportunity to add this feature to their own websites at a discounted rate.

Finally, as we approach our annual conference June 1-3, 2011 in Clearwater, we bring you thoughts from our board on why the TLG conference experience is something different (and better)  than any other conference you might attend. I know that TLG 2011 is shaping up to be one of the best – so I hope you are planning on attending.

So turn that corner on failure and get into high gear as you reach for success. Don’t be afraid to take a risk to be the best. The Alliance is here to help you achieve your goals and make your mark in your community.


Karen Thoreson, President and COO


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