President's Welcome -- April Transformations

ARTICLE | Apr 1, 2011

“Doors don’t slam open.” - John M Shanahan, 1939

In the April edition of Transformations, you will find new and interesting articles that can help you open doors that might previously seemed closed. This month our newsletter is chock full of both the inspirational and the “how to.”

Our interview with Pam Antil, assistant manager of the city of Palo Alto, CA lets you see how up and coming leaders view the world of local government and  the challenges that lie beyond. Pam embodies the energy and “get it done” attitude so critical to success in our organizations.

Get another chapter in the story from our BIG Ideas meeting in Florida earlier this year, where local government leaders took on the topic of public compensation and benefits.  That is certainly a topic being discussed in state legislatures and city halls today. Or if you are looking for alternative ideas on Citizen Engagement, read about Mecklenburg County’s successful attempt to increase citizen involvement and create community governance.  

Finally, you will find plenty of new ideas  (and have to admire the courage shown) in our article about West Vancouver, BC where local government partnered with a non-profit to operate a new publicly funded community center. The effort resulted in dramatically increasing resident engagement and trust in the public sector.

Go ahead, yank open that door and step forward into your new opportunities. You won’t know what successes lie out there until you do.

Karen Thoreson

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