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ARTICLE | Jun 13, 2012

Blogs on performance evaluation, sustainability, public servants, and more are most viewed.

Most Knowledge Network users know about the online community’s questions and answers on hundreds of topics and its full library of useful documents. The site's blogs are one more opportunity to share local government information. Blogs offer news and information from ICMA programs and from colleagues in the profession. A few weeks ago, for example, ICMA’s Center for Sustainable Communities launched its new blog to explore the intersection of sustainability and local government management.

For a look at some other blog activity, check out these posts and Knowledge Network blogs that have recently been popular.

  • City manager performance evaluation is a frequent topic of discussion in the profession, and this frequently viewed blog post from In the Know summarizes one conversation and compiles several evaluation forms and other resources from the Knowledge Network.
  • The CityLinks blog is the easiest way to keep up with ICMA International’s work in this program addressing climate change, food security, and water and sanitation issues. Scott Muller’s thoughts on innovating resilience in climate change adaptation and Steve Adams’s reflection on what North American cities can teach the developing world about sustainability were both popular posts in May.
  • For worldwide updates from the International Team’s other programs, like this recap of David Grossman’s trip to Beijing to promote ICMA’s new center in China, check out International Dispatches.
  • The 311/CRM Systems blog keeps up with exciting developments in citizen request management. One of Cory Fleming’s posts describes the questions a local government should ask in a community readiness assessment before moving to a new 311 system.
  • Preparations for the ICMA Annual Conference in Phoenix/Maricopa County are in full swing, so keep an eye on the conference blog for updates like this post from Anna Read on solar events planned for Phoenix. And don’t miss the newly released preliminary program!
  • You don’t have to wait until the conference to get to know your colleagues. They’re also on the Knowledge Network, like last month’s featured user Alan Rosen, who tells how ICMA resources help support him in his role as budget manager of Washoe County.
  • Finally, in honor of last month’s Public Service Recognition Week, Beth Kellar shares the memorable story of her encounter with a just a few of the many unsung heroes who serve our communities.

Check the Knowledge Network’s blog directory for the latest posts on issues in local government. And share your own experiences with your colleagues by starting a blog yourself!

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