Oracle’s Realignment to be a Local Government Partner

Recent announcements from Oracle mean new opportunities and tools for local governments.

ARTICLE | Oct 10, 2019
by Dr. Peter Pirnejad, AFI Board Member Elect

Today Oracle’s mission is “to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities.” This is a great time in Oracle’s history and why I am honored to take the lead for global public sector strategy. Asking a public sector professional with no formal IT training is reflective of Oracle’s commitment to meet the public sector customer where they are. It is a new day for Oracle and reflected in our commitment to the customer’s long-term success.

Oracle has recently announced changes that will make the company and its products better align with the needs of local governments. In existence for over 40 years, Oracle focuses on database software technology, cloud engineered solutions, and enterprise software products.

During the 2019 Oracle Open World (OOW) user conference, Oracle was excited to unveil several major announcements and a major brand refresh known as “Redwood” to align with a new company focus. Like the tree, “Redwood” is representative of Oracle’s deep roots, organic structure and proverbial extension to the clouds. In short, Oracle has moved from a solution-focused company to an outcome-focused company.  This came as it shifted away from strictly selling one-time software and solutions to selling subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS). Oracle is no longer your grandfather’s database company. Instead, it’s embracing a model of continuous improvement and innovation.

A variety of partnerships were also announced at OOW with some of Oracle’s most prominent competitors such as Microsoft and VMWare. This announcement aligns with their rebranding effort and demonstrates their commitment to their customers’ needs for choice.  This is a reflection of Oracle’s recognition that it needs to be where its customers are going (i.e., in the word of Wayne Gretzky, go where the puck is going to be). 

Most importantly, the rebranding and agile approach to service is great news for public sector customers. Oracle understands that the local government industry is a relationship and trust-based, and wants to do business with vendors that take the time to understand their domain. Much like local government, Oracle’s customer-first approach is more concerned with outcomes than the tool used to get there. 

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