Meet Diana Robinson, Energy Manager for Manatee County Government

Beyond the Basics - a Brief Q&A with Alliance for Innovation Ambassadors

ARTICLE | Dec 20, 2017

Ambassador Connect

by Diana Robinson
Diana Robinson

Describe your community. 

A beautiful coastal and agricultural county.

What is your community currently working on?

Mobility and IoT. We have recently completed a damage assessment app for tablets using our geographic information systems (GIS). This is in preparation for future storms that bring high winds and flooding. Other projects include PACE for community, solar throughout County, and addressing Sea Level Rise for infrastructure concerns resiliency.

Why did you join the Alliance for Innovation? What are you hoping to achieve by being part of the Alliance for Innovation?

Learning about and sharing technology through brilliant ideas and projects to help reduce costs, be more efficient, and become a “standout” community!

Outside of local government innovation, what is one hobby you have?

I love golf, although it frustrates me.

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