Make a Difference – Volunteer!

The call for volunteers is open with opportunities to give back to the profession by serving on committees, task forces and advisory boards, and other ongoing volunteer opportunities.

ARTICLE | Mar 6, 2017

Why Volunteer?

What have you done for the profession lately? ICMA has several ways for you to contribute. The call for volunteers is open for committees, task forces, advisory boards, coaching, mentoring, hosting, and more! Volunteers are the real heart of any organization and can change an organization – one small piece at a time – for the better. Volunteers can make a difference! 

Do You Have What It Takes to Volunteer?

button_get-started-nowStart looking for that right volunteer opportunity today — You will be glad that you did!

Are you:

  • Eager to learn?
  • Willing to share what you know?
  • Ready to give your time to help ICMA?
  • Enthusiastic?
  • Energetic?
  • Passionate about the profession?


What Do You Get Out of Being a Volunteer?

  • A feeling of satisfaction.


  • A sense of accomplishment.
  • A chance to make a difference.
  • An opportunity to meet new colleagues.
  • A chance to learn new skills.
  • An opportunity to hone your talents.
  • A chance to have your efforts appreciated.


There are many opportunities to volunteer for many types of activities. As you decide where you want to share your most precious commodity – time – consider the following:


Professional reasons

Personal reasons

  • To gain leadership skills.
  • To network among your professional community.
  • To use a skill set not applied in your job.
  • To build your resume.
  • To donate your professional skills
  • To impact the direction of the profession and the community you serve.
  • To give back to a profession that has served you well.
  • To demonstrate commitment to ICMA’s mission.
  • To do something different from your job.
  • To have an impact.
  • The satisfaction of being part of something bigger than oneself.
  • Because of personal experience with the issues or cause.


Start looking for the right volunteer opportunity today

You will be glad that you did!





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