Local Government Research Collaborative Funds Two New Proposals

ARTICLE | Mar 24, 2015

The Local Government Research Collaborative (LGRC) is comprised of 20 local governments and academic partners.  The LGRC is identifying trends in local government management, playing a critical role in selecting future research topics and working with researches to strengthen the local government grounding of research. 

The first research projects is currently underway, From Red Tape to Green Tape, looking at 

Improving Grievance Procedures in Local Government Organizations (research conducted by Dr. Leisha Dehart Davis at UNC-Chapel Hill). Dr. Dehart-Davis will present her findings at the 2015 Transforming Local Government Conference in Phoenix, AZ April 13-15th.

In January, the LGRC selected two new topics for funding.

Workforce of Tomorrow (Research Conducted by Center for State and Local Government Excellence).  This research proposes to address:

  • What are the priorities and expectations of future local government employees?  What changes do organizations need to make to address the needs of future local government workers?
  • Are changes needed in the compensation structures that account for recent reforms, the impacts of which will play out over the next 20 years, and preferences of new hires?
  • What trends in hiring practices, employee development, and work culture show the greatest promise to attract and retain talented employees?
  • What strategies are most promising in addressing intergenerational differences and shifting workforce demographics?

Improving Local Governance in the United States by Learning from Abroad (Research to be conducted by George Washington University). The purpose of this project is to improve local governance in North America by learning from local governance abroad. The goals are to: 

  • to identify local governance tools, practices, processes, and institutional arrangements in place in other countries that are relevant and provide the potential for adoption by local governments in the United States and 
  • To develop a first iteration of a framework of guidelines and insights that U.S. local government practitioners can use to enhance their use of knowledge about practices in foreign countries in order to improve governance in their own communities.

To learn more about the LGRC contact Toni Shope, Strategic Initiatives Director at tshope@transformgov.org.

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