Life, Well Run Garners Heightened Visibility

ICMA's Life, Well Run, campaign earns broad public exposure with nominations for Lone Star EMMYs and multi-media release.

ARTICLE | Oct 3, 2013

The six videos filmed last year in the Life, Well Run pilot communities of San Antonio and Seguin, Texas, were submitted as a package to the Lone Star EMMY® awards committee in three categories of Best Director, Best Producer, and Best Editor, resulting in nominations for best director and best editor.

These nominations provide great visibility for our organization, our campaign, and the profession. All six videos are listed under one title: Life, Well Run. The companies that filmed them are listed as ICMA and our production company, Bitter Jester Creative. When the nominees are announced at the awards ceremony, the audience will get a glimpse of the body of work. Should we win, they will see a longer clip each time.

On September 9, 2013, ICMA distributed a press release announcing the launch of the national Life, Well Run campaign through a new program called Multi-Vu, a multimedia news release. Rather than distribution via e-mail, this press release was posted to a website that contained one of our videos, plus links to our website, other materials, and to our social media (including YouTube). A link to the site and press release were then distributed to the media.

To date, the release has generated more than 13,000 page views, approximately 40,000 online video views, 105 file downloads, and was picked up by 30 media outlets across 18 industry categories, and 21 tweets reaching more than 23,000 followers. This site and press release will remain live for at least a year, offering the possibility of additional exposure. See it for yourself, and share it with others.

Multi-Vu is a PR Newswire product. In addition to developing the website and pushing out the press release to the media, the product also provides for exposure on the Reuters electronic billboard in New York City's Times Square. This photo shows our message when it was live. It ran there three days in a row during morning rush hour and once during the late afternoon.

In addition to the exposure that professional local government managers, ICMA, and the Life, Well Run campaign are receiving through these efforts, they provide additional interest and credibility when you share them with your elected officials, your staff, and your community.

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