Introducing Workforce Wednesday: What Makes Local Government Your Employer of Choice?

ARTICLE | Apr 12, 2016

The Alliance is excited to introduce a new series that continues to shine a light on the evolving dynamic of the local government workforce. Inspired in part by the recently released report from the LGRC, Workforce of Tomorrow, each month we will explore a new theme by sharing articles, conducting interviews and asking questions. The goal of #WorkforceWednesday is to explore the various aspects of working in local government, but more importantly to spark a conversation in your own organization. 

To kick off #WorkforceWednesday, we want to know: What makes local government your employer of choice? Was there one or two experiences, perhaps with a citizen or through seeing a challenging and rewarding project to frution, that reinforced your decision to pursue a career in public service? Let us know! 

We would love for you to share with us the name the department you are working in and share that one (or two!) experience that inspired or confirmed your path to public service (extraordinary experience with a citizen, seeing a project completed, etc).

Let us know in the comments below, by responding to this question in the KN, or by sending us your story at!

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