Improving Relationships Between Law Enforcement and Your Community: Two Tested Examples

Hear from 2020 Innovation Award winners City of Virginia Beach and Village of Bayside as they share how they are working to improve the relationship between law enforcement and their communities in this video webinar.

ARTICLE | Oct 15, 2020

City of Virginia Beach, VA – Nationwide, public safety fields are struggling with recruiting and creating a pool of qualified and diverse candidates. Virginia Beach created Camp 911 to engage middle schoolers through a hands-on and interactive week full of experiences in the fire, police, and EMS fields in a fun camp environment. We’ll take a deep dive into developing a program that addresses the challenges around building positive relationships and trust with public safety professionals, community engagement, and how this contributes to a sustainable succession plan for public safety departments.

Village of Bayside, WI – Bayside like so many communities, is impacted each and every day by the current state of the relationship between law enforcement and the communities it serves. myBlue is a neighborhood policing program aimed to create stronger relationships between law enforcement and residents and build a network of residents as well. By encouraging residents to become more comfortable with their local law enforcement opens the door for more communication to address community concerns, fears of crime or threat, and how we can collaboratively develop solutions.

Watch the webinar here:


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