ICYMI: Aligning Local Service Delivery and #PublicHealthGoals Twitter Chat

ARTICLE | Aug 11, 2016

I bet you know that a healthy community doesn't just happen. But did you know that local government plays a critical role in shaping community health through the services they provide such as drinking water, public safety, parks, planning, and the like?

On August 11, ICMA joined Paula Sanford, PhD, University of Georgia, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, and Joshua Franzel, PhD, International City/County Management Association and Center for State and Local Government Excellence, for a Twitter chat to answer questions about the growing complexity of public health and how it requires innovative service delivery approaches, collaboration, and partnerships, all of which are discussed in their new report: Improving Quality of Life: The Effect of Aligning Local Service Delivery and Public Health Goals.

Check out some of the top questions, answers, and shared resources below or follow along on #PublicHealthGoals.

Key Lessons from the Report: Improving Quality of Life

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