ICMA to Launch National Library Survey

ARTICLE | Apr 25, 2016

In the coming days, ICMA will launch a national survey focused on local government engagement with public libraries. 


Libraries of the 21st century are evolving into dynamic centers of information and learning, providing services that help to convene, inform, and empower communities.  Conducted in partnership with the Aspen Institute, ICMA’s survey seeks to collect information on how local leaders are leveraging public libraries to advance community goals.  Survey topics include:


  • Engagement between library leaders and local government officials
  • Organizational alignment between libraries and local governments (reporting and funding structures)
  • The role that libraries play in economic development, education, civic engagement, workforce development, and digital inclusion


The upcoming survey is conducted in follow-up to ICMA’s 2010 Public Library Initiative Survey and the Aspen Institute’s Dialogue on Public Libraries.  The results will allow ICMA to examine trends over time and better understand how the relationship between libraries and local governments is evolving. 


Chief administrative officers across the country will have the opportunity to complete the questionnaire and share information about the role of public libraries in their communities.  An online submission option will be provided, and a summary of the survey results will be made available to all participants when the survey closes.  Please e-mail surveyresearch@icma.org with any questions or comments.


Visit the links below for additional resources on the role of libraries in the community, as ICMA celebrates National Library Week.


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