How Local Government Works

A new video from the Life, Well Campaign details how local government works in Seguin, Texas.

ARTICLE | Oct 9, 2012

The Life, Well Run campaign released its latest video, which explains the important role of City Manager Doug Faseler in working with Seguin’s elected officials, business community, and residents to make Seguin a place they’re proud to call home.

In addition to Faseler, “Seguin, TX – A Partnership for Success” features appearances by:

  • City Secretary Thalia Stautzenberger
  • Mayor Betty Ann Matthies
  • Darren Dunn, KWED Radio
  • Former mayor Mark Stautzenberger
  • Robin Dwyer, attorney
  • Phil Seidenberger, CMC Steel
  • Rudy Sauceda, Tyson Foods
  • Paul Castillo, League of United Latin American Citizens.

They describe the symbiotic relationship between the city manager and elected officials, asserting that a professional city manager is like the CEO of a company.  The video provides insight into how Faseler manages the business of the government for Seguin by

  • Bringing integrity, management expertise, organization, stability, and professionalism to the city’s government
  • Helping the mayor and city council make their vision for the city a reality and accomplish their goals
  • Ensuring that the mayor and city council have the accurate information they need to make good decisions for the residents of Seguin
  • Creating a business-friendly environment to attract and keep desirable companies in Seguin.

View the video.  

The video is a component of Life, Well Run , ICMA’s campaign to raise awareness of the contributions professional local government managers make to cities, towns, and counties across the United States, building communities we’re proud to call home.

In August, ICMA released “Why is Seguin, TX, Proud?”, which featured civic and community leaders discussing how having a city manager contributes to quality of life in the city. 

Seguin is one of five pilot communities across the country to be showcased by ICMA in the Life, Well Run campaign.

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