How are You Using Performance Analytics?

We are excited to provide the opportunity to communicate directly with and learn about the use of performance analytics from your peers in other Alliance communities.

ARTICLE | Mar 16, 2017

We are launching a crowdsourcing forum to solicit your ideas and input on various aspects of performance analytics.  A Performance Analytics Survey has been sent to all AFI members and will be completed by leaders in the police department, streets/public works department, neighborhood code enforcement unit, and parks and recreation department in each community. Through the crowdsourcing platform we hope to engage you on a conversation around key challenges and opportunities when it comes to leveraging performance data and analytics within local governments.

What are some obstacles that your organization is facing with Performance Analytics? 

We thank you in advance for being part of the discussion surrounding performance analytics and for supporting local governments in their journey to innovation. The results of the survey and crowdsourcing forum will be presented at TLG in April.

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