Grandview, MO Hosts Tenth Annual Pets Helping People Event

ARTICLE | Mar 16, 2012

On Saturday, April 28th, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.(pet owners start to line up as early as 6:30 a.m.), the City of Grandview is hosting the Tenth Annual Pets Helping People, at Conn West Elementary, 1100 High Grove Rd., in Grandview, MO. This event is intended to provide rabies vaccination for cats and dogs at minimum cost to help a local charitable organization, the Grandview Assistance Program. The event will also provide spay and neuter vouchers and will sell ID Microchips at a reasonable cost ($20). The microchip is a tiny computer chip, which has an identification number programmed into it. Once an animal is injected with the chip, he can be identified throughout his life by this one-of-a-kind number.

Over 550 pets were vaccinated last year by professional veterinarians and they are expecting a larger crowd this year. “The rabies vaccine is such a small part of what we are able to do. The pet needs the vaccine but the owner needs good information about health and wellness. It is a valuable opportunity to have face-to-face communication about the importance of spaying and neutering” says Dr. Abby Snyder from Grandview Animal Hospital. “We know Pets Helping People has a positive impact on those of us who participate, the pets that are vaccinated that day and on those in the community helped by GAP.” She adds.

The price for vaccination is $7 per pet and 3 cans of non-perishable food items to benefit the Grandview Assistance Program (GAP). GAP is an emergency assistance program for those people living in Grandview and in the Grandview school district. It is intended to provide short-term assistance to low income families who need help during a crisis, such as food pantry and school supplies, rental and utility assistance. All the net proceeds will help support GAP and that is why organizers named the event “PETS HELPING PEOPLE”

“Pets Helping People is an essential event for GAP’s success. ” said Sharon Kinder, one of the organizers and Director for The Grandview Assistance Program. “We need the support of the community to continue to assist families in financial need.”

Jessica Taylor, a Belton resident, who took her cat last year says, “Pets Helping People is now the official time to get my cat vaccinated. I’ll be coming back now every year,” she concludes.

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