GovNews: Paving the Potholes

ARTICLE | Apr 22, 2019

Littleton and Domino’s Partner for Potholes for Pizza

Post Date: 04/22/2019

It’s a Pothole Paving Palooza Pizza Party, and everyone is invited. Join the City of Littleton and students from Macintosh Academy on Tuesday, April 23, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a pothole-paving party and free pizza.

Domino’s launched its Paving for Pizza program in June 2018. The City of Littleton is the only city in Colorado to be selected as a “Paving for Pizza” grant recipient. “The city has over 350 miles of streets and every dollar counts," said Littleton Public Works Director Keith Reister. "An event like this shares the story about how investing in our infrastructure supports businesses and families in our community.” 

The $5,000 grant will be used to fill five pizza-killing potholes in the 7400 block of Houston Waring Circle in the Sunset neighborhood. The largest is 35 feet by 5 feet so it’s a good thing crews are using asphalt and not tomato paste! Littleton crews will complete additional paving and road improvements in that area and other locations throughout the city this summer. 

 “The Paving for Pizza program is an additional opportunity to help make improvements to our city roads and we are thrilled to be selected by Domino’s,” said Littleton Mayor Debbie Brinkman.

Don’t be a weirdough, come get a “pizza” the action with free pizza, paving and raffles for Domino’s gift cards.

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