GovNews: Making the Switch to LED

ARTICLE | Mar 12, 2019
Ormond Beach, FL

LED Street Light Conversion

The City of Ormond Beach is working with Florida Power and Light (FPL) to convert street lights City-wide to high efficiency light emitting diode (LED) light fixtures. The City has, in recent years, completed projects that have converted a number of City maintained light fixtures from high pressure sodium (HPS) to LED. These projects include the decorative lighting in the City’s downtown, and most recently, ball field lighting at the Ormond Beach Sports Complex. The forthcoming project is the culmination of a number of years of discussion between the City and FPL to convert those street lights maintained by FPL from HPS to LED. With the approval of a new street light tariff by the Public Service Commission in April, 2017, FPL now has the ability to install a variety of LED street and area lights with no upfront cost to customers such as the City of Ormond Beach. This would allow Ormond Beach to follow the lead set by a number of cities throughout the state and nation to convert street lights to LED fixtures.


In working with the City, FPL has proposed a plan for conversion of the City's street lights utilizing different selections from FPL’s catalog of standard fixtures that best match the character of the light fixtures on the City’s major roadways and neighborhoods. In total, 3,515 street lights are proposed to be converted through this project which is planned to begin this month and be completed by the end of the year.


The conversion of street lights to LED fixtures will result in a cost savings to the City of Ormond Beach, but more importantly, the conversion will result in a measurable environmental impact. LED lighting provides equivalent illumination to HPS lights at a reduced level of power consumption. The planned modification will reduce power consumption in Ormond Beach by nearly 1,000,000 kWh / year eliminating 667 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year which is equivalent to removing 142 cars from the road.

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