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ARTICLE | Mar 12, 2019
Kelowna, Canada

As the fourth pillar of sustainability, the City of Kelowna takes culture seriously and desires to integrate it into all aspects of civic planning and life in Kelowna. To achieve this, Kelowna's first cultural plan (2012-2017) was launched in 2012 to encourage and integrate local culture within all neighbourhoods of Kelowna. Since then, significant progress has been made in implementing 2012-2017 Cultural Plan goals and strategies. Many organizations continue to thrive, and new organizations and venues have emerged. Major initiatives such as the Bernard Avenue revitalization, the Civic Block Plan, the relocation of the RCMP, completion of new parkades and the Okanagan Centre for Innovation have had an impact on the landscape of the Cultural District.

Affordability for spaces for living, working and creating is an issue for many artists. In addition, key buildings in the City's inventory of cultural infrastructure such as the Kelowna Community Theatre and the Okanagan Heritage Museum continue to age, with mounting structural deficits, as new buildings go up around them.

An update to the Cultural Plan is intended to respond to these changes and challenges and set a direction for the next five years.

While the City realizes that as an organization it does not create culture, operating as a municipal government our role is to facilitate and promote culture by providing vision, goals and adopting strong policies. An update to the Cultural Plan is intended to respond to changes and challenges and set a direction for the next five years.

Cultural Plan 2020-2025

We recognize that culture is important to the wellbeing of the community, the quality of life for all residents and the economic vibrancy of the city. It helps to create a place where people want to live with celebrations, activities and spaces.

Over the next year, we'll be working to update the Cultural Plan, and we want you to be involved!

Cultural Plan Update

The 2012 - 2017 Cultural Plan set out 10 goals to foster a thriving, engaging and inspiring community.

The primary goal areas in the current plan are foundational statements which are not expected to significantly change in the updated 2020-2025 Cultural Plan; however, strategies to achieve these goals will be refined to reflect current and future states, and some goal areas will be repositioned as higher priorities.

Phase 2 - Goals and Strategies - Sept. 21 to Mar. 31

We are seeking your input on the Cultural Plan's current goals(External link), and how you prioritize them - and if you think there is anything missing from the goals. We also want to hear your ideas for strategies on how to work towards the goals - what can residents, organizations or the City do. Review the goals and their definition(External link)s, fill out the survey and post your ideas on strategies to help generate discussion.

Phase 1 - Completed

From July 16 to September 3, we were seeking your feedback to influence the Cultural Plan's vision. Survey responses helped us develop an understanding of the community's idea of culture, and what it means to them. We're currently summarizing the results and will post them once ready! The draw winner of the picnic basket was Vickie Gurney! Thank you to everyone for your participation.

In addition to the 2020-2025 Cultural Plan, two reports will be created:

  • Cultural Report Card – tracking progress of the successes of the 2012-2017 Cultural Plan

  • Economic Impact Assessment – an update to the “The Creative Sector in Kelowna, British Columbia: and economic impact assessment” report (March 2010).

Read more about the Background on the City of Kelowna Cultural Plan

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