GovNews: City of Baytown, TX Library Makes Final Four of Leslie Knope Best Library Ever

ARTICLE | Apr 25, 2018
City of Baytown, TX

Baytown's Sterling Municipal Library Makes Final Four of Leslie Knope Best Library Ever and Receives Endorsement of Cast Member

Baytown’s Sterling Municipal Library has moved into the Final Four Round of Engaging Local Government Leaders’ (ELGL) Leslie B Knope Best Library Ever Award. The last Texas public library remaining in the competition, Baytown has been crushing the competition. We’re once again asking the public’s support to keep going.  

Named in honor of television show Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope (known for hating librarians and everything they stand for), the Best Library Ever Award acknowledges outstanding and beloved libraries across the country. But there can be only one.

Sixty-four libraries, nominated by those who love them, competed head to head by popular on-line vote. Each week, half the libraries are eliminated to go home in shame as the remaining libraries continue forward. Baytown’s beloved Sterling Municipal Library has successfully navigated 4 rounds; each time coming out the victor.

See more information on the competition at Baytown's website here.

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