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ARTICLE | Dec 15, 2016

Performance Center Platform Transforms the Ability to Achieve Desired Outcomes

One Cloud Data Performance Platform that supports:

Strategic Planning-Budget Preparation-Reporting-Engagement & Transparency

There is a growing urgency in the Public Sector to make better use of data to inform decision-making, budget planning and the evaluation of performance, but many organizations struggle to do this primarily because of data explosion and the silos in which they reside. Using your data for action and impact has been a constant challenge but the advancement in innovation concepts and dropping cost of technology makes managing this data far more affordable and easier than in the past.

Three Essential Questions

At the most basic level, organizations collect data to answer questions. The three core questions that most Public Sector organizations need to answer:

How much did we spend?

How much did we do?                  How much did it matter?


If your organization had access to your data in one platform, could you more effectively be able to answer these questions? 

As you answer them, you could gain insights that would enable your organization to ask better, more detailed questions, set Key Performance Metrics aligned to your Budget and give you the ability to more effectively manage and measure the outcomes.

In most organizations the key data that should be shared internally and externally to your citizens are locked in ERP and other 3rd party applications. Purchasing more software to manage individual department business processes and activities leads to even more silo data and work and a greater manual effort to consolidate the information for use.

A Performance Center can be designed to help you leverage and tie together the data.  It can be done regardless of where it resides and staff will be able to use it more effectively whether it’s for a particular business use case such as planning and executing your Strategic Plan, Building a Better Budget, or providing metrics for internal and external transparency through Key Performance Reporting and Dashboards.

Think of your data as a supply chain. It feeds and empowers managers, staff, stakeholders and citizens all wanting a better future and services provided to them.

 A performance center connects your existing data and provides applications to support the business processes of planning, accountability, budget preparation and management and transparency.






Four Integrated Cloud, SaaS Applications the Puts Your Data to Work for You 

At the core of our platform is our ability to deliver relevant cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for government that are cost effective, flexible and provide the framework for greater visibility into performance management through the connection of data elements.  Data is our governments’ greatest asset and has the capability to revolutionize the way we deliver better outcomes for those we serve.

The Cloud Advantage

Performance centers should be delivered via a Cloud hosted, SaaS model. This approach offers many advantages over the traditional approach of client premise installations common with most legacy solutions. For a single fixed annual subscription fee, a Cloud Hosted SaaS offering can provide these advantages:

  • One Public Sector Enterprise Information Solution instead of procuring multiple silo tools
  • Prebuilt for the Way Government Works
  • No Infrastructure Hardware or Software Costs
  • Rapid Install-Connectors for any ERP
  • Support & Upgrades Included
  • Ongoing Enhancements Driven by the Community of Government Users
  • Predictable Cost

Case Studies

Williamson County, TX

williamson county logo

As Government Technology first published in 2013, Williamson County, Texas has always been an innovative transparency trailblazer. They were one of the first counties in America to open departmental data to everyone, doing so by adopting a Performance Center, a prebuilt cloud-based reporting transparency and data management solution. This tool enabled every department to forecast, plan, manage, and distribute fiscal data in a fashion that anyone — internal and external — could access and comprehend. The expanding population demanded information and technical advances.

Like governments at all levels, Williamson County had been collecting vast amounts of data, but it couldn’t really be called information or intelligence. Simple operational reporting on the data in the county’s ERP system was a manual, labor-intensive task, as were reconciliation activities related to that data. Management had limited high-level insight into simple analytics like countywide and department overtime costs and current budget-to-actual experience positions.

Department heads and managers needed tools to help them access information that would help them make better, faster decisions; Data drives business decisions. The county also wanted to provide accurate and timely information to improve transparency and for the positive effect additional information can serve the Public — for instance, higher credit ratings, which reduce bond issuance costs, as counterparties have more confidence in transparent organizations.

To create a better option for meeting its business intelligence goals, Williamson County chose Mo’mix Solutions to implement Performance Center Applications to support business intelligence and operational reporting and their Citizen MyGovCenter Transparency Portal that aligns to National and the State of Texas Comptroller criteria for sharing data online and provides citizen dashboards for greater engagement while lowering the number of public information requests.

Prebuilt based on governmental performance and reporting standards and best practices, Performance Center Intelligence and Transparency saved Williamson County more than $125,000 in infrastructure, labor, and software costs in its first year of use. In 2014 the Government Finance Officers Association awarded the county its coveted Louisville Award for Innovation in Government Finance for their efforts in consolidating data silos and creating a more transparent government.  


Williamson County has realized soft cost savings as a result of automating it’s reporting, including 75 percent less time for department staff to run and distribute reports. The IT department no longer has to create custom reports and interoffice paper reporting distribution has been eliminated.

The county can use its analytics to manage financial data and performance measures for grants and projects, report grant compliance more easily, and reduce fraud and waste. Additionally, users can monitor the data on a real-time basis so they can catch corrections quickly instead of waiting until month-end reporting comes out.  This way, they can avoid the pitfalls of reporting “Bad Data.

Citizens are also utilizing the county’s new tools to monitor debt, spending, and now can engage with the County with trust and understanding.

King County, WA

king county

King County, WA is one of the largest Counties in the United States with the data explosion to coincide with the population they serve. Their mission is to be innovative in their use of technology in their goal of building the best run government in America.  In 2015 the County was looking to retire several large ERP databases that held historical, transactional and financial data records but they still needed access to the information to serve reporting, audits and public information records retention requirements.  Mo’mix Performance Center Intelligence application was selected to serve as the Cloud based reporting repository and historical records retention solution allowing the County a more robust, digital and cost effective way to access their data and reduce the infrastructure, labor and hardware costs of maintaining large database and ERP applications that were no longer in use at the County.

Mo'mix Solutions is based in Austin, Texas and a proud Alliance for Innovation partner that provides cloud based, SaaS Performance and Business Intelligence Data Management Platform for Government and Education and Technology ERP and Budget Consulting Services that help organizations improve data management for greater transparency and outcomes. The Mo’mix Performance Center Solutions was recently awarded the Pentaho Best Return on Investment Product https://youtu.be/OXPZVIBaFIY

To learn how Mo’mix Solutions Performance Center Solutions can transform how your local government operates, contact the Mo’mix Team at info@momixsolutions.com or 512-423-2932.

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