Debris Management Plans? Help Your Colleagues Through Q&A

The Q&A feature empowers users to get answers to their difficult local government management questions. Do you have a debris management plan?

ARTICLE | Jun 28, 2016
Storm debris in Mississippi.

While working on behalf of ICMA on a Stafford Act project focused on disaster relief, ICMA Member Ken Parker suggested the best way to get ideas and sample debris management plans--reach out via ICMA's website. The Q&A feature on has been used over 6,000 times to ask registered users questions ranging from requesting a sample ordinance to getting recommended budget levels for arts planning.

The committee is working on a toolkit and hopes to especially get input from communities with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants. The outcome will be a series of customizable, user-completed forms (wizards) that communities could use as templates for their own plans, checklists, forms, RFPs, and more making it easier to be compliant with FEMA requirements. 

To date there have been nearly 13,000 responses to the questions asked via the Q&A feature. Please take a moment to help out with a sample debris management plan if you have one or address other open questions from fellow members and local government staff members in need. 


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