Clearwater, FL Library to Lend Meters That Promote Energy Efficiency, Safety at Home

ARTICLE | Aug 23, 2011

In Clearwater, soon you may be able to cut your energy costs at home by borrowing one or more devices that the Clearwater Library System will be lending to patrons.

The devices include:

  • Kill a Watt EZ Meters: Determines the efficiency of any home appliance by counting its energy consumption by the kilowatt hour. The meters allow you to calculate cumulative electrical expenses and forecast costs to operate the appliances you check by the day, week, month, or year.
  • EMF Detection Meters: Detects cell phone radiation and extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields.
  • Thermal Leak Detectors: Helps locate areas of your home that are poorly insulated and may lead to higher heating and cooling bills. The meter pinpoints problem spots such as drafty windows and doors, hidden leaks, uneven insulation in ceilings or walls, and leaks in air conditioning and heating ducts. The devices can also diagnose engine misfires and monitor your refrigerator and freezer settings.

Library patrons will be able to check the devices out for up to 14 days. For more information call (727) 562-4970. Visit or the Library’s Facebook page at for information on all of the Clearwater Library System programs and events.

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