Clearwater, FL Continues Expansion of Reclaimed Water in Neighborhoods

ARTICLE | Aug 16, 2012

Reclaimed water is now available in the neighborhoods of Glen Oaks/Palmetto, College Hill, Hibiscus, Osceola, and Plaza areas of Clearwater, and residents in these areas are encouraged to connect to the City of Clearwater’s reclaimed water system. Distribution mains and service lines delivering reclaimed water to utilities customers have been installed.

To sign up, residents can call or visit Clearwater Customer Service.. There is no connection fee. After installation is complete, the homeowner should have an irrigation specialist connect to the service line extending from the reclaimed box, and install a shut-off valve on the homeowner’s side of the box. After the tie-in is made, residents schedule an inspection.

“We’re proud to bring reclaimed water service to so many Clearwater neighborhoods,” said Tracy Mercer, Public Utilities Director. “When neighborhoods decide to use reclaimed water, they can save up to 10 percent of the area’s drinking water supply. We hope Clearwater residents take advantage of this valuable resource.”

Once connected, residents will be able to enjoy the many benefits of reclaimed water. Users of reclaimed water can water lawns daily in accordance with the city’s watering restrictions. (Those who use potable drinking water sources can water lawns only once per week.) To learn more about the benefits of reclaimed water or to sign up for service, visit or call (727) 562-4600.

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