ClearPoint Strategy Joins the Alliance For Innovation Corporate Partners Network

Alliance for Innovation and ClearPoint Strategy are proud to announce their new strategic partnership, bringing to the table an innovative technology solution.

ARTICLE | Feb 22, 2019
ClearPoint Strategy
ClearPoint Strategy

Alliance for Innovation and ClearPoint Strategy are proud to announce their new strategic partnership, bringing to the table an innovative technology solution, which will help Alliance members better achieve their goals for greater transparency, accountability and efficiency in the way their organizations are run and their communities served.

ClearPoint Strategy is a cloud-based strategy execution, performance management and reporting software solution designed in conjunction with the Balanced Scorecard framework. With the online interface, ClearPoint users can easily manage strategic plans, objectives, measures, initiatives and dashboards - tools that leadership teams in government rely on to make more accurate data-driven decisions and ensure transparency, accountability, and follow-through. ClearPoint, including its project management capabilities, government benchmarking solution and community dashboards, is secure, cost-effective, and offers a reliable US-based customer support team.

“Our mission to help organizations dramatically increase and demonstrate their impact aligns perfectly with the mission of the Alliance and its transformational work within the government space. Forming a partnership was an easy decision for us,” says ClearPoint Strategy Founder and Managing Partner, Ted Jackson. ClearPoint Strategy has become one of the most highly customizable, cost-effective, and comprehensive cloud-based software suites on the market with a municipal client base that has grown consistently over the past ten years. “We are proud that ClearPoint supports Alliance members like the City of Fort Collins, City of Olathe, City of Arvada, City of Ft. Lauderdale, City of Raleigh, City of Pearland and many more - all of whom are raising their sights beyond the strategic choices and daily initiatives to change how their organizations work and sustain transformation. The ClearPoint software application reflects our company’s understanding and commitment to supporting our clients in doing just that.”

Alliance President and CEO, Joel Carnes, is pleased to welcome ClearPoint Strategy. “Many Alliance members will recognize ClearPoint because they are already using their software to execute strategy. We are pleased to announce this long-time-coming partnership. ClearPoint’s software is where metrics meet strategy, built by practitioners for practitioners. ClearPoint can help local governments increase transparency and efficiency by leveraging the Balanced Scorecard and dashboard capabilities.”

ClearPoint Strategy clients receive a high return on their investment and the ClearPoint team is actively involved in every engagement. ClearPoint is known for its ability to provide practical, concrete recommendations and support clients through implementation. The ClearPoint Community is robust and active and the ClearPoint team facilitates networking and best practice sharing among its community members.

For more information about ClearPoint Strategy, please contact:
Laura Chandler, Director ClearPoint Strategy
1901 N. Moore St. Suite 502
Arlington, Va. 22209
Phone: 866-568-0590

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