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Career advice and resources for aspiring local government professionals are in the Knowledge Network.

ARTICLE | Dec 5, 2012

One of the best resources the Knowledge Network has for aspiring professionals in local government is in the Topics tab, where there is an entire section for Career Resources. Examples of topics are:

The Knowledge Network has dozens of Groups that let people connect based on shared job experience, events, levels of membership, interests, and more.

  • One example is the Career Coaching group. Posts on the group’s homepage range from specific job-related questions, to questions about how to get started in the field, to advice that people post for all to see.

Another place where people can find career advice in the Knowledge Network is through the Documents section.

  • ICMA publishes a great deal of material, like “The Next Generation Initiatives," which is a collection of articles from the past 10 years from PM magazine. The collection discusses career development of those already in local government, transferring knowledge from senior managers to the next generation, and attracting young people to the field.
  • “Emerging Leaders: How to Begin Your Career in Local Government” provides a six-step process to prepare young leaders for the world of local government, starting with individual priorities, and building to finding one or more mentors.

Wikis and Blog Posts are great ways for users to include their own input.

Use the ICMA Career Network center to find your next move in the local government profession.

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