Bring the Next Big Things to Your Community

ARTICLE | Feb 26, 2016

Are You Future Ready?

If you are reading this, then you are probably familiar with the Alliance's Next Big Things report, which looks at 44 major trends across 4 forces that are likely to impact communities over the next 20 years. The free report details the forces and trends within each force, while the premium version (free to members and $149 for non-members) provides resources to help you contextualize the report and apply it to your community through the Big Sort, Designing Community Scenarios, and the Foresight Workshop Kit. On their own, these tools will help your organization and community prepare for the future. But if you are looking to dive deeper, contact us at and our experienced, trained staff can deliver a tailored and blended event: Are You Future Ready? Prepare Your Community for 2036!

In this session, staff from the Alliance for Innovation will take you back to think about what has changed over the last twenty years and challenge you to think ahead to be a future ready community.  This will include an overview of the four forces and trends that should be on your radar. Small breakout groups will conduct a “Big Sort,” looking at your community’s vulnerabilities and where the focus might need to be.  The session will conclude by creating plausible scenarios for 2036.  Participants will leave the session with action steps they can take to be future ready. 

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