Alliance for Innovation Welcomes Government Leadership Solutions

ARTICLE | Mar 9, 2017

The Alliance for Innovation is so pleased to announce its newest partnership with Government Leadership Solutions. This organization embraces innovation and, frankly, sees innovation as the essential element for survival of the fittest.  With the complex challenges our local governments are facing such as Boomers retiring in droves, Millennials nowhere in sight, and a lack of leadership development due to budget constraints, Government Leadership Solutions is addressing these difficulties head-on. As expected, they are approaching solutions to these challenges with innovative, yet simple ideas.

“Simple is profound”, stated Government Leadership Solutions CEO Dr. Maria Church, “Many times, the solutions to complex issues do not need to be complex. Solutions, however, do require different thinking. As Einstein stated, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ Doing something different requires innovative thinking. That is why we are so excited to partner with the Alliance for Innovation. With almost identical missions, we see innovation as the solution to local governments not only for survival, but also for thriving today and tomorrow. Our partnership with the Alliance for Innovation enriches collaborative solutions for our local government challenges.”

Government Leadership Solutions works with local governments to create cultures that attract and retain the best talent beyond the rah-rah sticky note sessions. They know how important culture is to attracting top talent – especially the Millennial generation.  Some of the services they provide include capturing institutional knowledge, attracting and retaining the best employees, strategic planning and implementation, developing next generation leaders, facilitating executive roundtables, and executive coaching. 

Their client results are impressive with recent reports indicating:

  • Productivity increased by 40%
  • Improved communication by 80% (yup, 80%)
  • Expanded interpersonal skills by 45%
  • Leadership competencies improved by 28%
  • Over 40% increase in innovation and knowledge management

Working with large and medium-sized cities and counties, Government Leadership Solutions has a string of success stories and case studies. Contact Dr. Maria Church, CEO of Government Leadership Solutions to learn about some of their case studies at (888) 976-6836. We must warn you – Dr. Church’s enthusiasm is contagious and working with them is invigorating. You may email her directly at or learn more about them at

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