The Alliance for Innovation is Proud to Partner with Edict Systems

Edict Systems provides Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services to the public sector.

ARTICLE | Aug 30, 2018

EDI is the electronic exchange of supply chain documents, such as purchase orders and invoices. Transmitting these documents electronically saves time and money by eliminating their paper-based equivalents.Cloud-based and outsourced solutions provide all of the benefits of EDI, without the high initial investment or lengthy implementation times of in-house systems. EDI transactions are easily integrated with existing systems and workflows, allowing current processes to remain unchanged.

With over 25 years of EDI experience, Edict Systems works with local governments to implement EDI and enhance their procure-to-pay processes. This includes electronic delivery and supplier acknowledgement of purchase orders along with automated invoice data entry. The cost savings of EDI compared to manual processes are considerable. Studies have shown that it can cost over $100 to issue a purchase order and process the paper-based invoice when errors and reconciling discrepancies are factored. EDI transactions can cost as little as $2 each. Automating payables processes also allow personnel to focus on higher-value activities.

"Edict Systems is excited by the partnership with the Alliance for Innovation as the only EDI provider," says Bret Conard, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Edict Systems. "Alliance members from around the country are seeking new and innovative ways to meet new challenges and provide high quality service to the communities they serve. Our EDI services allow them to redirect significant resources, both financial and personnel, away from administrative tasks and back to their core mission."

Alliance CEO/President Joel Carnes states “the Alliance highly recommends every local government look at the value Edict Systems can deliver.  Edict requires minimum upfront investment and delivers tremendous efficiencies in the procurement and payment processes.  Those efficiencies bring substantial savings of dollars and staff time for reallocation to community priorities.  It is a win-win proposition for our members”.

View the recorded webinar from March 22, 2018: What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and How Much Can It Save My Local Government?

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