The Alliance for Innovation and Public Health National Center for Innovations Release “Public Health Innovation Playbook"

Playbook’s Customizable Training and Tools Can be Used to Support Health Departments’ Innovation Projects

ARTICLE | May 24, 2018


Phoenix, Arizona & Alexandria, VA: The Alliance for Innovation (AFI) and the Public Health National Center for Innovations (PHNCI), a division of the Public Health Accreditation Board, are excited to announce the launch of their new web-based “Public Health Innovation Playbook.” Customized for use by the public health industry, the Playbook contains tools and other resources that can be used by health departments to support innovation projects aimed at improving the health and well-being of their communities.

Developed collaboratively by AFI and PHNCI, as well as subject-matter expert Marena Works from Reno, NV and graphic design support from Slate Communications out of Fort Collins, CO, the Playbook’s tools and trainings are customized to support the innovation projects of nine U.S. health departments that recently received innovation grants totaling $1.55 million from PHNCI. Although initially developed to support the grant projects, the Playbook’s tools and trainings can be used to support the projects of any health department interested in transforming practice through innovation.

The Playbook, with its accompanying eight-hour training, is based on the Alliance for Innovations’ trademark Innovation Academy program. Developed in conjunction with Arizona State University, the program has traditionally been offered to local governments as an exclusive opportunity to learn and apply the innovation process and foster a culture where innovation can thrive to meet the current and future needs of their communities.

“We are thrilled to be able to take the successful program and tools of the Innovation Academy and tailor them to meet the specific needs of public health professionals across the country,” said Katy Simon Holland, interim president & CEO of the Alliance, and one of the program’s original developers and founders. “PHNCI’s mission is in direct correlation to our mission to inspire innovation to advance communities, and we are excited to contribute to their work.”

In joining to develop the Innovation Playbook: Public Health, AFI and PHNCI hope that this first-of-a-kind partnership will deepen the innovation ecosystem of public health and communities in new ways.

“PHNCI’s collaboration with the Alliance for Innovation has strengthened our ability to support health departments interested in implementing innovations to transform practice,” said PHNCI Chief Innovations Officer Jessica Solomon Fisher. “Tailoring the Playbook for health departments is an opportunity to take the best learnings about innovation in practice and apply them directly to public health. We encourage the field to use these and other resources as they work to improve the health and well-being of communities.”

The Innovation Playbook: Public Health adaptation was developed in both electronic and web-based platforms, to allow for collaboration across teams and outreach beyond grantees, as well as allow for flexibility and growth in the future. General access to the Playbook can be found at


About the Alliance for Innovation

The Alliance for Innovation is inspiring innovation to advance communities with the help of our strategic partner Arizona State University (ASU). Guided by research and real-world experience, the Alliance impacts organizations and communities, changing the way local government performs. We are accessible and valuable to all levels of an organization.

To find out more about the Alliance for Innovation and how to join, visit or contact the Alliance at or 888.496.0944.


The Public Health National Center for Innovations (PHNCI), a division of the Public Health Accreditation Board with support and funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, was established in 2015 to help foster a multi-sector learning community that will help identify and test new and innovative practices to improve public health capacity. In this role, PHNCI serves as the hub for national public health innovations.



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